Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We recently went on vacation and stayed at a friend's house for a couple of nights. Of course, we had to have a great BBQ and a couple of beers for old time sake. I've finally sent off my thank you cards with a few pictures of us girls. As you know my head has been in lala land these past few days and I had totally forgot to make a card for one dear friend. So this is the card I made in literally 2 minutes the other night.

It's not the best card I've made. Granted the picture is not the best. I normally take it in day light. It was like 10:30 pm when I took the picture. I usually stand the card up too.... I think I was tired.

I have some time to myself next week. YEAH!!!! I most definitely will be making some "all occasion" cards for those "oops! I need a card, quick" moments.

Have a great night!!


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