Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh My Mind!

There are times in my life I wonder how I'm going to get through things! I'm having one of those moments! I promise I won't be to harsh... I think I just need to brain dump for a minute.

I accepted a new position a few weeks ago, which means that my days are now numbered (3 to be exact!) where I currently work. I thought it would take me forever to get things all organized for the next person.... took me like 15 minutes. Great!!! What shall I do now!!! It'll teach to be organized and have a place for everything!!! So this week have been tightening loose ends and meeting with my clients to advise them that I am leaving at the end of the week. Although, I'm not sad to leave that place, I am sad to leave my clients. They have been great troopers in my world of newcomer life skills! As I close this door, a whole new exciting world is about to open up to me and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!! Stay tune for this one. I'm sure I'll have lots to say on the subject shortly!

So it's bitter sweet for me. My colleagues are taking me out for lunch tomorrow. Our last "hourra" together!

OK that's enough. I'm getting all weird here at the type. I'm thinking that this weird, awkward, should I be sad I'm leaving, should I be happy kind of feeling that I have right now will most definitely vanish from my mind at 4:30 this Friday afternoon!!!

Thanks for being here! Have super duper night!


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