Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa is coming to town!

Well, that he is!  And very soon!  We are counting the sleeps and the kids are so excited!  They are getting old enough to remember the traditions we have started with them and it's such a great thing!  We love it!

We still have no snow, although the forecast calls for some white stuff this week.  Living in the Maritimes, the weather is always a toss up!  I hope we do get some snow, at least to cover the green grass!!  I don't remember the last green Christmas....

I've finished my Christmas cards weeks ago.  That's great!  What's not so great, I lost track of time and just realized that I haven't sent any out!!  I guess I'll be making some Happy New Year Cards shortly!  Oh well!  Always an excuse to make more cards! =)

I did make more Christmas tags.  I made these ones for another colleague of mine.  I like these ones too!  And I made them in no time! 

Here's a few close-ups.

I've made a few layouts too.  I'll share those another time. 

Just a couple of days left before Christmas.  It's sure to be a busy week.  If I don't make back here before then, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

May you stay safe during this festive season and most of all, stay crafty!

Iso =)

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  1. Love these tags ~ they are so darn cute! You are one talented lady ;o)