Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Snowy Day.... again!

Yes. Again. Snow.  Really?  I thought the groundhog hadn't seen his shadow?  As my hubby is snowplowing the drive, again, I'm inside catching up on things.  The kids have been sick this past week and we're still trying to recuperate from that.  I haven't touched the camera or blog in a little bit.  I did scrap a few cards though!  So I'm a little late on these ones, but I'm sure you'll enjoy them none the less!

First up is the birthday card for my daughter.  Remember, the one she dissed me about!  Well I did finish it and she gave me a gigantic big hug when I gave to her {{sigh}}.

She had requested a tri-fold card.  I let her choose the paper and the embellies.  I think she chose well!  She insisted I use all the embellies she had choosen.  Tall order, but I think I did pretty well too!! =)

I love the paper she choose.  It's from ATD (Candy Blossoms).  She adores butterflies and the saying on the paper fits her so well.

And of course, my son wanted a card as well.  And since it was Valentine's Day when I actually gave her birthday card, I decided to make Valentine cards for them both.  My son also wanted a tri-fold.  Tri-fold it should be!

One for him....

One for her....

Easy, peasy.  Keep it simple, repeat pattern.  The two done in less then 30 minutes!

For my husband, this year.... He got a great big hug and kiss!  ;p

Thanks for stopping by!

Iso =)

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