Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tag! You're it!

Mid week already folks!!!  The week is flying by so fast!  Today at work we were talking about name tags... I haven't received mine yet, but it's on its way!  I still haven't made my way to my scrap table yet this week :(  I've been busy I guess... with what? I'm not sure!!!!!!  But the talk about the name tags today got me thinking about these tags I made last year for a women event I was coordinating.  I made 50 of this beauts!  Ok I had help from a dear friend, but we still made 50.  We got to do them on company time too!!! That was fun!!!

We had a production line going.  The cricut was going and the punches were rolling!!  Glue in one hand, glitter in the other!  We had a blast!!!

We added a ribbon to each one.  They served dual purpose.  Our guest would right their name and an adjective to describe them.  It would later be used for the workshop I had designed for the event.  The women took them home along with some other little goodies that I had prepared for the workshop.

It was a great event!  We did a repeat this past July.  I changed it up a bit and should the ladies how to make little boxes out of old sentiment cards!  That was cool!!!

Well, have a great night everyone.  I'm giving you a head start...... TAG!  YOU'RE IT!!!

Iso :)

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