Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where do I begin....

Well, there's quite a buzz going on in our household lately!  Ouff!  It's hard to keep up!  It's all good though!
I scrapped again!!! I made time the other night and did these pages of my kids.

It's a double page layout using CTMH kit.   I sort of followed the kit.... but really I sort of winged it more!!  By winging it, I goofed on my daughter's page.  I was supposed to leave a border around it like the one on my son's page, but only realized I had forgotten once I had glued the paper down!  OOPS!!!  Oh well, it's sort of OK I guess!

I also went to my first workshop over the weekend!  It was a CTMH workshop.  It was so much fun!  I was nice to talk to other scrappy people!!  My husband is great and supportive and we enjoy our company, but when I get all excited about scrapping and start asking him what he thinks about the embossing powder or what font to use with the cricut, well he's reply is ... "Honey, what do you think about the head of the amp cabinet I'm making?" .... "head, amp, .... sure honey, thanks! I love you too!!!"  is often my reply!! LOL!  This workshop was interesting.  We were making a 4 page layout where 2 pages are reversible and cut to be inserted in protectors that can flip... I didn't quite finish it.  I'll have to go back and do that later.  I will post pictures when those pages are complete.

The other excited news this week... My son FINALLY lost his first tooth!!!!!!  It took some time!  The 2 new bottom teeth have been out now for over 3 weeks!  He finally lost one Monday night during supper.  He was so cute!  I managed not to cry! Go figure!!!  The tooth fairy did come, but I think his on to her! ;P

Now if he could only lose the one his left....

One more thing!!  This weekend our city is hosting a CFL football game.  It's a regular season game.  Our home team, the Toronto Argonauts are playing the Edmonton Eskimos.  My husband and I will be attending that game!  It going to be awesome!!!  I've never been to a football game before!!  Oh the action is starting tomorrow downtown and we are volunteering at the activities.  We did get some pre-activities activities today.  The Grey Cup was at our office this morning.  I got to touch the CUP!!!  We took lots of pictures! And the players are already in town and rooming the square where our offices are... YUMMY!!!!  It's going to be so much fun!!!  Should you like to find out more about this event check the web site here

Well I think that's enough for tonight, don't you think?  It's bed time for the kiddies!  

Have a great night!!!!

Iso =)

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