Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Monday Morning to You!

I choose Monday!  Yes I do.  Especially since I have the day off! 

I'm feeling so crafty these past few days.  Yesterday, as I was watching the mountains of snow slowly melt away (It was a gorgeous day), my picnic table magically appeared on my deck!! The sun was shinning.  I thought to myself, that table could use a nice coat of MOD PODGE!!!!!  That's right, the thought DID cross my mind!  Then I said it out loud and my husband replied:  You're crazy!  I might be crazy, but I think deep down in his loving heart, he really would like to see me revamp that picnic table!!! {{wink, wink}}

I've been playing with Mod Pogde lately.  I've started on a few projects for the kids teachers.  I'll share those projects with you at a later date.  They're not quite finished yet.

I did promise to post the card I made for my cousin's birthday, though.  She has confirmed receipt of said card.  So here it is!

I lifted the design from a card magazine (I don't remember =( which one).  I made the fabric flower.  Northridge Publishing had posted a tutorial on Youtube on how to make them.  I thought I'd give it a go.   I was pleased with the result!  Oh and my cousin loved it! =)

Here's a close up of the flower.

Well, looking forward to this day off.  I have many things I am looking forward to doing today.  So off I go!

Have great day everyone!

Iso =)

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