Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Clothespin Snowflakes

Good morning!

It's already December!  This year has just flown by and it would seem as though I've neglected my blog a little in the process.  Hopefully I can make it over here more often in the near future and share some crafty love with you all.  :)

How about sharing some right now?  I've been all over Pinterest lately trying to come up with some cute little crafty gifts for our church groups.  I found snowflakes made from clothespins and thought these would be so fun to make with my kids.  So we gave it go!  A warning!  They are addictive to make!  I posted a little sneak on Instagram the other day and received a few request on how to make them.  So, here I am.  A little tutorial for you.

I gathered up some old wood clothespins from our camping gear box and with the help of my kids, we started by taking them apart and sanding the ruff spots.

Once sanded and smoothed out, I hot glued back together by their backsides.

And glued five together at their points to form a star.  Now, I've tried gluing 6 together and it was a little tricky.  Gluing 8 together is the best and make the prettiest stars.  We decided to stick with five for this project. We needed to make about 20.

Next came the painting.  I'll admit to child labor for this step!  My kids went at them with some white paint.

Once dried, we sanded them down a little to give them some character.

I knew I wanted to add some glitter to them, but I wasn't sure how at first.  Then, I remembered my stash of Stickles!  I used just a small amount, than rubbed it with my figures to spread it out.  And it dried in no time and no mess!!

Then the fun part!  I used my snowflake punch to punch out some snowflakes out of metallic paper.  That center snowflake is acrylic and I found those at Dollarama.  Those little bells are from there too.  Hot glued everything in the middle and VOILA!!

We still have a few to make for tomorrow night.  My kids and I are having a blast making them and I'm certain we will be sharing some with family and friends this holiday season.

Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your day for me today.

Happy scrapping!


  1. These are so adorably Isabelle! I am pinning these and then heading out to buy some clothespins. Thank you for sharing! :)