Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pure Genius!

My daughter, she is!  She's a little artist in the making and makes her mama real proud!  I love the pictures my kids color and the crafts they make at school and bring home.  Although some make it to the keep pile and some make it to the trash (don't tell the kids!), this one little item my daughter made for me the other day at school is certainly a keeper!  It is nicely displayed on the fridge and I've been using it almost everyday!!

Check it out!

Pure genius I tell you!  So simple!  Some Post-It on a sheet of foam, glued to a magnet sheet and of course beautified like no other 5 year can beautify!!!  I'm in love!

Have a closer look!

It is proudly displayed on the fridge for everyone to see!  I smile every time I use it! 

May you inspire all the little ones to be creative!!

Iso =)

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