Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Cards!

It's birthdays all around!  We've been to 5 birthday parties in as many weeks!  And there's plenty more to come! What better excuse to be making a few birthday cards!!  Here's a few that I've made for my kids friends for their birthdays.

 My niece and nephew also celebrated their birthdays in January.  I made the following for them.

I have few more to make for the month of February.  Not to mention one for my little princess!  She will be turning 6 in 9 days!!!  She's asked me to make a purple tri-shutter card for her!  Tall order to fill!!

Hope you all stay warm and safe today.  We have been hit with yet another big snowstorm!  So big, my work closed for the day.  I guess that never happens!!  Yay for this snow day!!  I get to make cards all day!!

Happy scrappin'!

Iso =)

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