Saturday, July 31, 2010

Princess in the house!

My daughter. The little tomboy with the princess attitude!!! She is 5, most definitely going on 15! Aye! But she's so cute and lovable. She's the first to go digging for worms and plays with the caterpillars and wants to bring them in the house as pets. I don't think so!!! She likes the princess dresses and painting her nails!

I found these little sticker nails that she could put on her fingers. She was so excited to have nails like me! Yup! They lasted all but 5 minutes!!!!!

How about we paint them next time? LOL!!!

She too amazes me! Just when we think she's not listen to us rant about whatever, she'll come up with something to let us know she got it! She's a clever little one! She'll be heading to kindergarten in September. No more babies in the house. Look out world! One smart, clever, intelligent little princess coming your way!!!!!

Make it a great one!!!


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