Thursday, July 29, 2010

Through the eyes of my children...

I thought of sharing a little insight on my kids with you. My son, who will be turning 7 in a few weeks, continues to amaze me every single day! He has this new thing, a love for little plastic figurines. Maybe you've heard of them.... gogo's crazy bones!

It's a simple game to play really. My son likes to make up his own rules, though, but a fun game none the less. He is so into his gogo's that he has taking many pictures with his camera of them. He has drawn many pictures. He has photocopied them (until there was no more ink!). The photocopying we had to put a stop to it!!! It was getting expensive in ink!!!!!

Here are more pictures my son took of the lovable little gogo's.

He even made a special list for Santa Clause. He listed ALL the names of the gogo's. The list is now up to 5 letter size papers taped together.

He added another page tonight.... Here's a close up.

Another reason why my son amazes me. He is only 6 and will be heading to second grade in September, but keep in mind that French is our first language and he is now reading and writing in English. He's been writing his letter to Santa in English. He's been doing this on his own! Although, the words might not be spelled right, you can still make out what he's trying to say! I just think that's so cool!!!!!!

Next time, I'll share a little insight on my equality amazing daughter!

Make it an amazing night!


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