Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jewelery making!

Good evening!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  It was my turn to work the Saturday this week, so the weekend always seems shorter.  But I did have time to be crafty today.  I headed over to a friend's to work on a scrapbooking workshop.  That's always fun!!

I promised to share with you some of the jewelery I made recently.  I'm a total novice at this, but it's really so much fun and so easy!  Here are a few pieces I've made.  

I kept beads from a necklace that broke and made these earrings with them.

A little chandelier pair.

The first bracelet I made with memory wire.  This stuff is so cool!!!

My first necklace.

Last night the kids were watching some movies so I decided to relax too by making a few more bracelets.  I like these the best so far.... so did my kids!!!  They are at me now to make one for each of them!

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a great night!
Iso =)

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