Monday, October 3, 2011

World Card Making Day

This past Saturday was World Card Making Day!  It just so happened that my little family finally had NO plans for the weekend!  This hasn't happened in, well, I don't remember!!  What better way to spend time together!  Let's get crafty!!!  So we did!  The kids got their "craft on" at the kitchen table.  LOVED IT!!!!  We moved down to my crafty corner after a bit, cause, well, I wanted to get my "craft on" too!!!  I'll be hosting a few workshops at my kids' school in a couple of weeks and needed to get some of it ready. 

So, my card for the WCMD was the finished product for my first workshop.

I'm pretty happy with the design.  The kids will be making their own version of this project.  I can't wait to see what they do!!!

Hope you where able to make a least one card on WCMD.  If you did, send it to someone, anyone, just because.  They won't expect it and they will certainly appreciate it!

Happy Monday!

Iso =)

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