Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

You know what?  I'm very lucky to have such an awesome hubby to share this day with.  And what makes it even better, we have two awesome little monkeys to share it with as well!  Spent the night as a family night.  Best ever!!! 

The Canadian Mental Health Association in my area organizes an annual Women's Wellness event in February.  My place of work is a sponsor and many of my co-workers are part of the organizing committee.  I was delighted when they asked if I would make something special for the event.  

Since it was close to Valentine's Day, I used love as a theme.  I gave a little sneak before the event on my Facebook page.

The pictures come from my phone.... Remind my again to make time to take better pictures.  The first two were taking with the Instagram App.  They actually look better on my phone.  The last photo was taking with a point and shoot.... at night.... too much flash!!!    I hope you will still appreciate the art!!

Thanks for dropping by tonight.  I hope you've had a chance to spend time with your loved ones today.

Iso  =)

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